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A wedding is usually a fantastic event.

March 24, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Affiliate

A wedding is usually a fantastic event with the bride and groom declaring their undying love for each other with their immediate circle of friends and family in attendance. Weddings have changed very much over the past 10-15 years with the relaxing of the rules and regulations of where a wedding ceremony can be held. A quick search on the inter web will turn up hundreds of venues all trying to tempt couples into getting married at their establishment. Depending on what kind of ceremony you are thinking of holding really depends on what venue you choose to hold your wedding at. If you are going for the more traditional wedding then the obvious choice is a church, chapel or stately country home, if you are looking at having a more relaxed wedding then you may opt for a ship or boat, a local tourist attraction or even a zoo. Obviously all of these weddings will differ from each other greatly but the sentiment will be the same for each, but depending on what the couple are looking for from the occasion will dictate where the wedding may be held. So what is the most popular type of wedding location?
Most people still opt for the traditional church wedding but the number of people choosing this option is falling steadily each year as more and more people turn away from religion. Those people who do opt for a church wedding in all of its religious pomp are in many cases just doing so to appease there parents and family. There are still a number of women who like the traditional idea of the white wedding but with so many more flexible and modern venues available the churches are holding fewer and fewer ceremonies.
Many people are opting for a more laid back approach to their wedding now the job has been made much easier for them to choose a venue as each year more and more locations apply for, and receive, a license to hold a wedding ceremony on their property. Many of these locations are what could be termed as novelty wedding venues, not that the ceremony is a novelty in any way but that the whole occasion is a little more fun than the perceived stuffiness of a traditional church wedding.
More and more couples are linking their wedding to the venue by holding a theme wedding, for instance if they are getting wed at castle then the bride and groom will be the prince and princess and the guests will be the loyal servants. Many of these weddings will be held with a royal banquet as the wedding meal and held as a medieval feast on long tables. These weddings are a great occasion and when you have attended one it is easy to see why they are growing on popularity.
The whole feel of a wedding can be changed depending on the venue that the ceremony is being held at one of the more individual wedding venues available is to hold a wedding in a traditional pub or inn complete with a pub singer for the day. Hiring musicians for a wedding is something that is growing in popularity also, with singers and bands that actually perform at the wedding rather than at the evening function being more popular than ever. Musicians for weddings can lighten the atmosphere of the occasion and help to settle the happy couples nerves prior to the ceremony as well as set a wonderful ambiance for the occasion.

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